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Reflection Sciences Announces $1.3M Seed Round and Three New Board Members

Reflection Sciences closes seed funding to further its work in executive function; appoints three new board members.

Saint Paul – June 10, 2019 –Reflection Sciences, Inc., has recently closed a $1.3M seed round.  This round was led by Edmentum, the previously announced K–12 distribution partner for Reflection Sciences and joined by the University of Minnesota’s Discovery Capital Fund and other investors.  

In addition, Reflection Sciences has appointed three new board members: Dr. Elanna Yalow, chief academic officer of KinderCare Education; Eric Doan, chief financial officer of Edmentum; and Teresa Marchek, senior director of Be The Match. These three individuals join existing Reflection Sciences board members Jeff Shelstad, CEO; Dr. Stephanie Carlson, cofounder and chief science officer; and John Carlson, chairman of the board.

“I have watched the development of Reflection Sciences over the last several years. I am convinced the field of executive function will continue to grow in acceptance and importance, and Reflection Sciences is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this growing global initiative and am excited to see the company expand its impact on more children in our country and around the world.”

– Dr. Elanna Yalow, chief academic officer of KinderCare Education

“This seed funding is crucial for advancing the work of Reflection Sciences. These new funds allow us to hire the talent to produce engaging professional development courses, educate our audiences about the importance of Executive Function, and develop additional interventions to support the crucial Executive Function skills of children.”

– Jeff Shelstad, CEO of Reflection Sciences

Founded by University of Minnesota professors Dr. Stephanie M. Carlson and Dr. Phil Zelazo, Reflection Sciences provides professional development, training, and tools that further the understanding, measurement, and improvement of executive function. Executive function skills are correlated with social development, school readiness, academic achievement, and mental and physical health. Reflection Sciences’ state-of-the-art measurement tool, the Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS App™), is the first objective, scientifically based, and normed direct assessment of executive function for ages 2 years and up.

For more information about the Reflection Sciences Board of Directors and the MEFS App™, visit:

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Reflection Sciences, Inc. ( provides professional development, training, and tools for assessing and improving executive function skills. The Minnesota Executive Function Scale (the MEFS AppTM) is the first objective, scientifically based, and normed direct assessment that validly and reliably measures executive function skills in children from two years of age and up. The MEFS App™ is a quick (five-minute), fun game for students, and it provides vital data for educators and parents on a student’s executive function skills.

Edmentum is a trademark of Edmentum, Inc. The MEFS App is a trademark of Reflection Sciences, Inc.

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