Author: Carolyn Fruin

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Singing + Ball + Fun = Learning!

It’s week 2 in our #WhattheEFSummer fun activity series and we have great news! Playworks is joining the team and adding to our list of games that strengthen Executive Function Skills and Social Emotional Learning. Singing, Throwing, Laughing This week we are focusing on impulse control and prosocial behavior with Wonderball, an active, outdoor game…

Resources for Families

Summer Learning, Summer FUN!

The last year in education has been, well, downright crazy and our youngest learners struggled to keep up. Research has shown that many children have actually lost ground and are at risk of entering school next year behind their peers. We know that strong Executive Function (EF) skills are at the heart of getting them…

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EFgoPRO™: An EF/SEL Tool You Can’t Afford NOT to Use

With the diverse methods of teaching and learning in today’s educational world, knowing where the strengths and weaknesses of each student is imperative in order to guarantee students’ needs are being met. Recently, Istation published 10 Assessment Must-Haves as a starting point for measuring student growth and providing teachers with the necessary information as they…

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There’s More to “Seat-Time” Than We Thought

There has been a lot of discussion about earning credit via “seat time” (aka Carnegie units) versus “proof of mastery.” Where one insists a person attend a minimum number of class periods while the other cares not about attendance, just the ability to demonstrate knowledge however that may be done. When it comes to early…

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Promoting Executive Function with STEAM

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’m just not creative,” or “Gosh, I wish I were better at math”? How about considering yourself to be either left-brained (analytical) or right-brained (creative)? It can be tempting to think of science and art as opposite ends of a spectrum, but evidence from neuroscience shows us that brain…

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Mindfulness and Mental Health

As most educators and parents are seeing, this historic pandemic is having a large effect on children and students of all ages. The current pandemic has upended in-person education, disrupted our daily routines, and  has isolated many of us from friends and family. A survey of 1000 students between the ages of 16 and 19,…